Boat safety rules

Charter WILL BE TERMINATED if safety rules are not adhered too.

The charter will be terminated if any passengers turn up to board the vessel intoxicated or become intoxicated during the charter, display any anti-social or aggressive behaviour towards the crew, other passengers, general public or the vessel.

No drinks to be taken or consumed below decks in saloon or cabins

No alcoholic drinks to be consumed whilst the vessel leaves the marina & or when the vessel enters the marina.

No sitting on or jumping from hand rails at any time during charter

Boarding and disembarking from vessel is via the boarding ladder only

No Titanic impersonations allowed on the bow.

Adherence to all on-board signage and crew instructions

When on the squadron grounds ……. Adhere to all RSAYS codes of conduct. Keep noise to a minimum and arrange your drop off and pickups to coincide with your charter times.

When on-board vessel respect our privacy and your safety do not open cupboards or hatches, please ask for assistance

No drinks to be consumed in saloon or cabins – exceptions will be made at the captain’s discretion.

Please advise if you have any special requests – we want to make your celebration memorable. We will make every endeavour to fulfil your special requests to ensure your special occasion is exactly what you envisaged.

For your safety and comfort please wear flat shoes or bring a pair with you and a jacket as it gets cool out on the water.